Boston, USA - Dublin, Ireland

The Mahoney Group is a unique Venture Catalyst firm specializing in initiating the executive selling process. We create and execute high level new business campaigns that open doors to new corporate business through appointments with decision-making senior executives.

The Mahoney Group has a proven record in creating new business contacts for you and your company via substantive introductory meetings. Founder Jon Mahoney and his associates provide an executive sales presence on a project or part-time, cost-effective basis for their clients. The Mahoney Group’s customized system of initiating new contacts and relationships with high-level corporate executives can start or fortify the client’s in-house sales process.
For The Mahoney Group, initiating new business contacts is our specific niche and art form. Our team saves you time, money, effort, frustration, and the agony of initiating the sales process. While we identify and locate new business leads, your staff is free to actually sell to new prospects and nurture current accounts. The Mahoney Group’s “One Degree of Separation” generates a spectacular return of appointments with targeted companies.
The Mahoney Group is strictly an ethics and reputation based organization. We do no advertising.  Most of our business is generated through referrals from satisfied clients.
Collaborating with the client through a customized strategy, The Mahoney Group opens doors, intrigues decision-makers, creates relationships, generates and qualifies leads, obtains feedback, and facilitates your business growth.
The Mahoney Group's work is quantifiably effective. Our value to our client is the capacity to create and generate new business at accelerated pace in existing and new markets. Your return on investment is crystal clear.
The Mahoney Group adds to your image and reputation by creating a spontaneous and interactive dialogue with your potential new clients. Whether an immediate appointment is scheduled or not, your company’s name and identity are being reinforced.
The Mahoney Group brings an indefatigable yet courteous persistence to presenting and supporting your marketing and sales efforts. We deliver your message with discretion, clarity, and intelligence in all interactions with your potential customers.

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